Where can I get my Sweet Rewards Card?

You can get your Sweet Rewards Card from any of our participating venues. Just ask a member of staff at the bar.


What does my Sweet Rewards card get me?

Sweet Rewards is a points based system, where you’ll receive points for every purchase you make in our participating venues


How many points do I receive?

One pound equals 10 points. You'll earn 10 points for every full one pound you spend, so if you spend £2.50 you'll earn 20 points and if you spend £3.00 you'll earn 30 points.

When you get to 100 points we automatically convert that to a £1.00 reward which gets added to your card, which you can spend in any participating venue, on any product, at any time.


What if I forget my card?

Your card must be physically there upon purchase to receive any rewards.


What do I get for registering?

Once you've registered you’re officially able to use your credit. We'll be able to send you great offers tailored for you and you'll also be able to spend all the credit you’ve been collecting.

Management reserves the right to refuse custom and/or this offer and to withdraw/change offers (without notice), at any time (we have to say that).

How long does my complimentary credit last? 

The £5 complimentary credit you receive for registering your card expires after 28 days of your activation date. 


What’s the difference between points and rewards?

When you've earned 100 points we convert that to a £1.00 reward which you can spend in a participating venue. You can still continue to earn more points on purchases you make and again once you get to 100 points we'll convert that to a £1.00 reward.


Can I redeem my points for cash?

No, rewards cannot be redeemed for cash.


How long do my points last?

Your points and rewards last 365 days from the day that we issue them to you. For example on 1 January you earn 30 points and on 2 January you earn 50 points; those points will expire the following year (365 days) on 1 January and 2 January.

Rewards work in exactly the same way so they expire 365 days after we convert your points to a reward.


How do I check my points and rewards balance?

Simple really! Click to check balance on our website www.sweetrewards.co.uk.


What do I do if I lose my card?

We know these things happen! So If you're unlucky enough to lose your card, pick up a replacement card from a participating venue. Then report a lost card to info@sweetrewards.co.uk with the following details:

Email address to which it was registered

Full name used when registering

Your date of birth

The number on the reverse of your replacement card

Please note that the new card will replace your old one which will no longer work. Points will be transferred to the new card, so there's no need to panic.


How do I contact support?

Simply email us at info@sweetrewards.co.uk.

And to help us sort things more quickly, please have the following details to hand:

Card number

Email address related to your account

Venue related to request

Detail of request