The Sweet Rewards card is where you earn credit for drinking and eating in 6 of Newcastle's liveliest restaurants and bars. From authentic Italian Restaurant, Fiume, to the creators of the Cookie Monster Jalou - whether you're out for the night at River Bar in Washington, or down for great music and cocktails at 97 & Social or Spy Bar!


Unlock the City with Sweet Rewards


Spend your credit on any product, at any time, in any of our 6 venues.


£1 credit for every £10 spent!

You can spend your credit on any product, in any of our 6 venues, at any time!


Earn credit for use in any of our 6 venues. Begin earning credit anytime, spend once you have activated your card!



Sweet Rewards

31 - 40 West Parade, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 7LB